Commemoration for King Oswald

Today is the commemoration for King Oswald, the namesake of St Oswald Church in Grasmere. 
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Lift High the Cross,
is the hymn for the day which you will find at

Readings include 1 Peter 4:12 to the end and John 16:29 to the end.

For Meditation consider this:

Oswald, had a vision of Columba the night before the battle, in which he was told

Be strong and act manfully. Behold, I will be with thee.[13] This coming night go out from your camp into battle, for the Lord has granted me that at this time your foes shall be put to flight and Cadwallon your enemy shall be delivered into your hands and you shall return victorious after battle and reign happily.

Oswald described his vision to his council and all agreed that they would be baptised and accept Christianity after the battle.[14] In the battle that followed, the British were routed despite their superior numbers; Cadwallon himself was killed.[8]

What words is Christ saying to you right now?  What is keeping you from listening and putting them into practice?

Today’s prayer

Lord God almighty,
who so kindled the faith of King Oswald with your Spirit
that he set up the sign of the cross in his kingdom
and turned his people to the light of Christ:
grant that we, being fired by the same Spirit,
may always bear our cross before the world
and be found faithful servants of the gospel;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


Prayer week of 20 May 2020

It’s a glorious day here on Coniston Water.


We’ve only had 4 days of rain in the last two months so we should be praying for rain.  Rain for the fields, the flowers, the sheep, the crops and the people!  Wednesday the 20th of May is the last day of Rogation so this prayer series looks at healing and blessing the land and don’t we need this badly in these Corona-19 times?

Thanks so much for taking time out.  You will be blessed along with the land and creation and everyone you call out in prayer.  Remember, the Lord takes pleasure in his people so taking time out restores our relationships not just with one another but with Jesus.




Prayer Sheet, Week of 6 May

Hello lovely soul, it’s time to pray.  Sit yourself down and immerse yourself in the love and light of Christ.  Here’s something to help you get there.  Click on the links in the prayer sheet below and go back to a time when we could meet together, hold children in our arms and travel to distant lands.  Enjoy this sacred time of bliss.  Be well, stay safe.

Prayer Week of 6 May



Prayer, week of 29 April 2020

Here is something to immerse yourself in a spirit filled encounter with Jesus.   The music is a big part of it so be sure to click on the links.  When you get to the final music, you are in for a real treat.  This is guaranteed to lift your hearts in this time of covid-19 isolation.  Stay safe.  Be well.  God bless you all!