Monthly Archives: September 2007

A Vision for Coniston

Heavenly Father,

We lift up to You Coniston, our village – the mountains, the lake, the inhabitants, the tourists, the holiday homes, the families, the children, the businesses and all the good folks who want to make it better.  Your plans are bigger and better than any one of us can envisage.

Take off our blinders.  Let us see clearly and anew with Your eyes.  Show us the way to move forward for the future.  Bless the meeting of the Parish Council this evening.  Everyone there will have an idea of how to make Coniston better.  Everyone there will be thinking they know the best way.  Help us to learn to work together in Your love and light.  Together, we can accomplish anything.  Light our path and set a lamp on our feet.  Revive us with Your vision.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.