Monthly Archives: January 2014

A New Beginning

At St. Andrew’s Church we follow the lectionary and what better place to enter the new year than the baptism of Jesus.  Peter chose this opportunity to bring us back to foundations with a talk that really spoke to me.

For one thing, I was reminded of the fact that God’s time is completely outside of the world’s time.  Can you imagine establishing a life changing, world changing, mission in three short years?  Just like God took Abraham when he was a good old age and asked him to walk to an unknown destination, those who listen and walk in faith will be able to move mountains.  Nothing extraodinary will take place by being bound to the norm.  No matter where we are, no matter how few or many years are in front of us, there will be something that we are being called to do or be which may defy all normal human conventions.  When we receive the call, we are to move and act in faith.

We are going to focus on these revelations and Peter’s points in our beginning prayer and praise service for the new year on Wednesday.  Our opening hymn in the words and music of Graham Kendrick says it all, ‘All heaven waits with bated breath for saints on earth to pray.’