A Blessing of Prayer

Prayer dates for your diary:

St Andrew’s Coniston

Wednesday, 17 & 24 July, 12 noon.  A short half hour of Prayer & Praise.  Lunch follows.  A quick time-out and infusion of power and love in His presence.

Torver Village Hall

Wednesday, 31 July, 2 p.m.  Two hours of blessing in the love and grace of Jesus.  Hear what the Holy Spirit says to his people.



A Prayer for Teachers

Lord, we pray for all those Christian teachers who are struggling with their work; who feel called to serve You in education and want to honour this calling but who now cry out for Your help.

Lord, we lift to You those teachers who struggle daily with pupil indiscipline; who feel close to breaking point; who cannot cope any longer with the verbal threats and physical abuse they face.

We pray for all those teachers who dread the prospect of facing this class on a Monday morning or that pupil on a Friday afternoon; for whom each day is a waking nightmare … followed, each night, by worry and insomnia in a seemingly unending cycle of fear … and stress … and guilt.

Lord, we lift to You those teachers who are burdened by bureaucracy and worn down by excessive workload; who admit to feeling browbeaten and demotivated; who are unable to keep up with ever increasing mountains of paperwork.

We pray for all those teachers for whom there never seem to be enough hours in the day; who spend most evenings marking and record keeping and much of each weekend planning and preparing for the week ahead; for whom mental exhaustion and spiritual dryness is a term-time way of life, and physical and mental breakdown is an ever present threat.

Lord, we pray that ALL teachers might be given the support they require:

from colleagues at school;

from governors and parents;

from union and local authority officials;

from their church;

from You, Almighty and Everlasting God.

Lord, by Your Holy Spirit, we ask You to empower and energise each and every Christian teacher in their calling to serve You.  Strengthen and protect them; bless and enable them so they might be “salt” and “light” to the communities they serve.

prayer submitted by Vik Sekasi, Furness Network Youth Minister


Time out with your best friend

St. Andrew’s Church, Coniston, Cumbria


What would you do if your best friend suddenly stopped meeting with you?  Would you

  1. Just ignore them and hope they returned
  2. Move on
  3. Seek them and find them to restore the relationship.

When was the last time you talked to God?

Time out for Prayer.  Every Second Wednesday, 12:30 p.m.

30 minutes to connect with the best friend you never knew you had…..


Time for Meditation, Dates for your Diary

Christian Meditation Cumbria has compiled a list of dates for meditation.  Here are a few coming up.

We will be going ahead with Bob Morley’s day at Grasmere Tithe Barn on Saturday 30th January.  This will be a reflective day with meditation, lectio divina and time to talk. Bob writes,
A growing awareness of our one-ness with God as unconditional love, revealed in stillness and silence, where, in the no-thingness, we come to know who we are, as Being. We will look at the gradually reducing mantra, lectio divina, and also time for open sharing of our spiritual journeys in the spirit of acceptance and love.

Our retreat at Hyning Monastery on March 4th/6th 2016 will be led by Jeff Thomas. The flier describes the weekend, which I’m sure will be wonderful. I have opened my list, so please do get in touch if you would like to go.

CMC Programme events January to March are listed here

Please would you reserve the following dates in 2016: more details when I have them.
Saturday 7th May – Quiet day at St Mary’s, Dalton in Furness
Saturday 11th June – Community day/Day of Gathering Keswick
Saturday 1st October – Day retreat with Fr Laurence Freeman (location to be arranged)

Finally, should you be looking for something new for Lent, there is a new book Sensing God by Laurence Freeman OSB.