Monthly Archives: May 2016

Stand in the gap and pray

A week ago on Sunday, Pamela introduced the concept of praying for five people to come to Christ.  A helpful reminder was in the form of 5 key fobs that were passed out to everyone.  Here’s a picture of a bracelet that offers an additional opportunity to the one who is brave enough to wear it.  I think it might attract a few stares and questions and isn’t this a perfect time to share your faith story.


I hope everyone is engaged in expectant prayer out there.  Having read the words of Ezekiel 22:30 yesterday, I read the faith story of Kathi Mills, who had a friend who stood in the gap and prayed for her in hospital.  Kathi actually heard her friend telling the doctor that she would not only survive but walk out and live for God one day.  Well five years later, she gave her life to Christ.  Don’t stop praying!  I am awed at the privilege and power of prayer.