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God Speaking – His Voice


The theme of this coming Sunday’s (29/07/07) service is the last in our series about how God speaks to us. We’ll be looking at passages from the Bible where He’s used an audible voice. What can we learn from these passages, and does He still speak in this way today? Have you ever experience His audible voice? Come and share with us on Sunday if you can, if not, let us know what you think about God speaking to you/us!


His Spirit is With Us

Night Sky

Did anyone catch the sunset last night?  After a day of dark clouds and a few spots of rain suddenly the sun poured down below the clouds revealing the most incredible sunset.  The sky was totally translucent and it just kept getting more intense.  I was simply overcome with the presence of God.  It was like the promise of the rainbow.  Everything is going to be all right.  I am with you always.


God is Working his Purpose Out

I suddenly had a revelation at last night’s Walk Cumbria supper.  We’re all sitting around asking questions about what is happening and what seeds are being sown like nothing is happening.  Shame on us.  Everything is in God’s hands and we can be sure that God is indeed working his purpose out.  In fact, because our expectations have not been met, we can be assured that God’s plan is even more glorious than anything that has yet hit our imaginations.  Isn’t God wonderful!


Where is God in this world?

A few years ago, we had an exhibition in St. Andrew’s church.  Linda Inman produced several mannequins, each with blank faces, looking out over the pews.  There were casts of feet and bums on seats to complete the scene.  The theme was Where is God in this world?

Jesus said, “Where two or three come together in my name, there am I  with them.” (Matthew 18:20). This is a powerful statement.  If you hold to this teaching, and trust in the Lord, we believe that your life will be transformed.

This is the mission of the church, to bring people to Christ who holds the power to change lives.

During our services we have  moments of quiet,  prayer, and praise when the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit rests on us all.  This is when we learn to listen.  If you have had an encounter and wish to share it, this is the place.  All praise and honor and glory and power to God forever and ever.