His Spirit is With Us

Night Sky

Did anyone catch the sunset last night?  After a day of dark clouds and a few spots of rain suddenly the sun poured down below the clouds revealing the most incredible sunset.  The sky was totally translucent and it just kept getting more intense.  I was simply overcome with the presence of God.  It was like the promise of the rainbow.  Everything is going to be all right.  I am with you always.

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2 Responses to His Spirit is With Us

  1. Angelina says:

    I saw it and it was absolutely awesome! We had a candle burning on our coffee table. The golden glow perfectly matched the colour of the sunset. We were spellbound. How awesome is our Creator God who puts these spectacles in the sky, just for us to enjoy and glorify Him!!!

  2. Arkangel says:

    Your description and picture remind me very much of ‘a picture’ given (on 14th March 2007) prior to Walk Cumbria in May, of the Old Man with a brilliant light behind it. We’re still awaiting God’s interpretation of this! Maybe he will reveal all soon!!

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