Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Tomb is Empty – Does Jesus Live Today?

At Easter we celebrate the empty tomb, the risen Lord, the resurrection life and I wonder…

I wonder what this means for us here, in this place, in the 21st centurty.  Somehow it seems to me that what we choose to think about Christ’s resurrection power will fundamentally alter every aspect of our lives.

Thursday I attended a funeral for a man who was full of love and grace.  I never knew him when he was a preacher but as I sat there listening to the CV of his life I found myself wanting to hear instead the story of how he became full of the love and grace of the living Lord.  I wanted to hear the stories of the lives that were changed through this man’s relationship with Jesus.

Is this transformation power a one-off event relevant only 2,000 years ago?  is it a momentary event, a one-off for each one of us or is it a filling up again and again, brought on by a relationship that takes us from here to God’s eternal throne?

This is about relationships.  This is about encounter.  Do you have a story to tell?  Does Jesus live today?