Where is God in this world?

A few years ago, we had an exhibition in St. Andrew’s church.  Linda Inman produced several mannequins, each with blank faces, looking out over the pews.  There were casts of feet and bums on seats to complete the scene.  The theme was Where is God in this world?

Jesus said, “Where two or three come together in my name, there am I  with them.” (Matthew 18:20). This is a powerful statement.  If you hold to this teaching, and trust in the Lord, we believe that your life will be transformed.

This is the mission of the church, to bring people to Christ who holds the power to change lives.

During our services we have  moments of quiet,  prayer, and praise when the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit rests on us all.  This is when we learn to listen.  If you have had an encounter and wish to share it, this is the place.  All praise and honor and glory and power to God forever and ever.

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  1. Angelina says:

    I had a very real encounter with God when I was 13. For Christmas I received a silver cross on a chain type necklace with a little glass eye in the centre of the cross.

    When you held the cross up to the light the little glass eye had a microdot of the Lord’s Prayer embedded within, and you could only read it in that way. This was the most wonderful present I’d ever received.

    On Christmas morning we went to church and during the service I was ‘transported’ to that very first Christmas morning. I was on a hillside looking down and into an open stable. I could see baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I walked down with the shepherds to that stable! It was awesome, so bright and warm.

    This has stayed with me all my life. Was I really there, I believe I was.

    But more importantly I met the Lord and still walk with Him and it’s very bright and warm!!!

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