Volatile Week on Jerusalem Exchange

 Ticker Symbol INRI

It’s been a wild week on the Jerusalem Exchange and one particular ticker symbol, INRI, Jesus Nazareth King of the Jews stands out. Traders fell all over themselves trying to get on board after his Triumphal Entry into The City on Palm Sunday. Traders expected a palace coup after Judas Iscariot advised his rebel band that the new Kingdom was imminent.  The stock was up 130% from Friday’s close by Maundy Thursday night.

After the markets closed, Jesus was arrested while with his disciples in Gethsemane.  By Friday, traders were heading for the exits and by the time news hit that INRI’s crucifiction was imminent, it was a meltdown with the stock finishing the day on the floor.

Can INRI be worth more dead than alive?  The stock just opened Monday at Thursday’s close. There must be some mistake.  We’re getting rumours that INRI has been raised from the dead.  INRI is soaring.  What a week on the street.



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