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Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard likened worship to theatre. But, he says, we tend to think of up-front people (ministers, musi- cians, and preachers) as the actors, God as ‘prompter’ (from whom the leaders seek the Spirit’s help), and congregation as the audience (receiving, hopefully positively, what is done). Don’t we all recognise this scenario?

But he offers a diametrically different perspective: in worship, the congregation are the actors, the leaders are the prompters seeking to enable them to offer a ‘spiritual act of worship’ that is acceptable to God, who is the‘audience’. This is a deep insight. It demonstrates the vital importance of worshippers being alert, informed, expectant …. aiming to please God themselves, rather than to be pleased by the leaders.

Please join us as we seek to please God in our worship.

Sunday Services Our Sunday services are designed to appeal to all ages. Whether you are a member or a visitor, you will receive a warm welcome.  If you are looking for God, this is a good place to begin. Our worship is designed to encourage praise, prayer, learning and listening to God.
1662 A traditional service which communicates through the use of a rich language and word pictures. Normally includes Holy Communion.
Common Worship A mix between modern and traditional styles. Music will include both great old hymns and more modern jewels. Mixed instrumental styles are employed in this service which often includes Holy Communion.
Explore Time to explore together.  What is the meaning of ??? Good family fun for every age.  A perfect way to unwind after a day on the fells.  4 p.m.
Morning Worship An informal service which is inclusive to all ages. Music is more modern than traditional and members are encouraged to participate freely.
Winter Breakfast This is an informal morning service.  Come and listen to a reading, sing a few songs, and share  breakfast, coffee and good conversation.  A perfect way to start the day.
Torver Junction An informal evening service with music, a testimony and some spirit led worship.   A perfect way to relax after a day on the fells.
Wednesday Prayer This is a short service of 30 minutes at mid-day.  This is where you can just be. A refreshing mid-day encounter with God.
Biker's Breakfast Breakfast on Sunday morning and a reflection for meditation.  Biker's paradise with a reward for the journey.  First Sunday at St. Luke's Torver. April to October.
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