Prayer for the meeting at St Andrew’s Church, Coniston on Wednesday 2 April 2008

Will all this wood soon be obsolete?Father God
Tomorrow evening we meet in St Andrew’s Church to discuss the physical changes which are proposed for our beloved building.

FIRST may we remember we are in Your house, may we behave with respect and acknowledgement of Your love and understanding.

May we behave with respect to each other regardless of status and listen with patience to differing points of view.

May we understand the reasons for these suggested changes whether we are in favour or not at the end of the meeting.

May we discuss the pros and cons of the changes without rancour and with understanding – remembering that feelings not just facts have a place in our lives.

May we ever strive to encourage and welcome all to come to St Andrew’s whatever their agenda and needs.

May we never forget those faithful worshippers who have found support and succour through their attendance at our church, coming weekly to have their faith is strengthened and renewed, and who have in turn given their support through financial aid, their work in and for St Andrews, and their prayers.

We are all Your children – help us to prioritise with maturity, insight, common sense and wisdom.


5 thoughts on “Prayer for the meeting at St Andrew’s Church, Coniston on Wednesday 2 April 2008”

  1. You’ll have to ask Matthew. Actually I thought about this when I wrote it. Jesus is the Prince of Peace and he is the son of God so those who are peacemakers are like the son of God. Son here has to mean child of God with son referenced so that the meaning of following on after Christ is clear. Therefore sons and daughters are equally blessed.

  2. That’s good news, not that I doubted we were of equal value, something which Jesus made clear in his recognition of the women he met.
    Thank you for the confirmation….

  3. Ok, glad that is settled now. It’s a good thing since we were all blessed by your prayer. I wouldn’t want to think we were second class citizens in the Kingdom.

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