A Blessing of Prayer

Prayer dates for your diary:

St Andrew’s Coniston

Wednesday, 17 & 24 July, 12 noon.  A short half hour of Prayer & Praise.  Lunch follows.  A quick time-out and infusion of power and love in His presence.

Torver Village Hall

Wednesday, 31 July, 2 p.m.  Two hours of blessing in the love and grace of Jesus.  Hear what the Holy Spirit says to his people.



God for All Lent Walk

Four churches journeying together’

 Praying with our fellow Christians in Cumbria, together with our link dioceses of Northern Argentina, Stavanger and Zululand

Pray with us as Bishop James  leads his team on a journey through the Carlisle Diocese for Lent.

God for All: By 2020 every person in Cumbria of all ages and backgrounds will have had an opportunity to discover more of God and God’s purpose for their life




May Sunshine for The Journey

Please join with us in praying for the young people within the Furness deanery.

The Journey’s vision is to see every young person within the Furness area have an opportunity to explore the Christian faith, journey with it and respond to it.

The highlight of last month was the Easter meal we had with some of the young people that come to Energize. It was great, because we got to spend quality time with them and truly connect.

Prayer theme for May:

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10


Moving Mountains is part of the March Journey

Moving Mountains begins Thursday evening in Coniston.  Youth groups, already meeting will be blessed by participants from Lancashire.  Over the week-end there will be walks, family activities and plenty of food.  The Coniston Reading Room is the place to begin Saturday at 10 with all funds going to support the Coniston X112, a bus which serves as a lifeline to residents for meeting up with friends, appointments and shopping outside the village.  It also serves some of the most beautiful coastal regions for exceptional walking.   Make sure you put this one in the diary!

The Youth Prayer Diary is available for March.  Please hold our youth and youth workers in your prayers.