In Praise of Grace

Today’s service was Harvest Sunday.  Our theme was forgiving our neighbour which was beautifully encapsulated into We reap what we Sow.  To be forgiven, we must forgive.  This is the crux of the matter.   Grace was flowing freely in our service.  In fact, it was totally overwhelming at times.

So that others may be blessed, the following are our Harvest Prayers:

Heavenly Father,


The sight of the mist rising slowly against the powder blue sky and deep furrows of the old Man is breathtaking as reflected on the sheet of glass called Coniston Water.  Suddenly the light shines so brightly through the mist that the old oak tree at the bottom of the lake is a picture of illumination, it’s roots firmly planted in the earth but cushioned by the lush dewy green grass inhabited by a flock of sheep.  I am brought quickly back to harvest Sunday.  I see in the tree a perfect object of your creation.  It’s limbs are always in touch with you as they rise up to the heavens above.  All who see it see a part of your glory.  All who look to it see what happens to the wise.  All who look to it see how we could be if we were as balanced as that tree, in perfect harmony with the earth around it and in constant communion with you.  Father God, help us to have our feet firmly planted in your word and keep us in constant communion with you.


Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.


As I look to the tree I see a swallow soaring.  I am reminded of a scene of swallows sitting on a wire last evening.  How do they organise themselves so perfectly?  How do they all know exactly what to do?  Those swallows soaring through the heavens are constantly in your care.  Cushioned by soft billowy clouds and helped along by gentle breezes and strong gales, it is by working together as a team that they can manage a journey of thousands of miles not just once but twice a year.  What can your church learn about working together from those swallows.  A strand of three fibers cannot easily be broken.  Let us sow the seeds of respect, encouragement and love for one another.  Bless our talents and use them for your glory as we work together in your kingdom.


Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer


As I walked on top of the moorland yesterday, I came upon a sea of glittering diamonds.  As my eye focused on just one of those precious gems, I suddenly saw every colour in the rainbow magnificently glowing in a prism more lovely than any earthly gem.  Reflected light on one drop of water was a show stopping paradise.  Your light is even brighter and more lovely than that beautiful prism.  We are the salt and the light.  When your light shines through us, we can shine your light on the world around us.  When we keep close to you, we are effective.  Shine your light Lord Jesus, shine it brightly that our harvest will be full.


Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.


Hazel, in her prayers a few weeks ago reminded us that one drop of your blood can wash away the sins of the world since the beginning of time.  Imagine the power of wiping out every sin from all time with just one drop of blood.  It is more than I can understand.  I am overwhelmed.  Imagine what you can do through us in our daily lives if we forgive our brothers as you forgave us.  Keep us strong as we go out from this place sowing the seeds of forgiveness.  Keep this drop of blood flowing in our hearts and minds as we sow your fields and reap your harvest.


Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.


When we call to you, we tap into the great power that created the earth and all the heavens.  We have our feet firmly planted in the earth like the old oak tree at the foot of the field.  We have a higher view like the swallows in the sky.  We have the light of the world as the prism of glory in a drop of water.  When we forgive one another, we see the power of a drop of our saviour’s blood in a transformation that exceeds all expectations.  It is awesome.  It is miraculous.  It is our faith.  Silently now, we bring all of our thoughts, needs, and prayers to you.


Heavenly Father, heal us, help us, deliver us, renew us, we are your people.  You are our God.  Let us walk with you as we live and work to your glory.


Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our saviour Jesus Christ.  Amen.


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