About Events in the parishes of Coniston and Torver

This site is reserved for more detailed information on upcoming events. Other information can be viewed on the main web-site of St. Andrew’s Church.  Site registration is open to anyone.  Please use the register button on the front page.

We are part of the Coniston and Crake Churches.

Links for pages with other frequently updated information are shown below:

We’re no Angels

All members of St. Andrews and local church communities are encouraged to incorporate the word ‘angel’ in their web name. If we all sign-on as angels, there will be choirs of angels singing in tune!  All praise and honor and glory and power to God forever and ever! Amen.

About Events!

Anyone from Coniston and Torver churches can become a contributor to add events to this site.  Be sure to put relevant information (date, time, place, purpose, etc) in the posting or the event will be deleted.  Comments are allowed by anyone who is registered to the site. Site registration is open to anyone.  Please use the register button on the front page. Were you there?  What did you think about it?  Would you like more information?  Do you know something about the group or event taking place?  God bless!


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