January Variations

The January calendar offers some alternative ways to experience worship.  The first Sunday brought us Michael Adams who spoke about the light of Christ that eliminates all darkness.  It was his first time preaching at St. Andrews, having stepped in while Tim is on holiday in New Zealand.   His presence is full of the power of the Holy Spirit.  Our services were blessed by his ministry.

On Wednesday, 13 January, from 11 to 3 p.m., there is an Open Prayer Space at St. Andrew’s Church.  The church will be heated, candles will be lit, music will be playing and the regular structured Prayer and Praise service will take place at noon.  All are welcome to take time out, leave cares and concerns in the hands of the Almighty and step into the arms of Christ to hear what he has to say.

On Sunday 17 January, 11 a.m.,  we celebrate Christian unity with the Methodists at the Chapel for an Octave of Prayer.  St. Andrew’s Church will be open for visitors but the regular service will take place at the Methodist Chapel.

Sunday, 24 January, 6 p.m. Sing and Share takes place at St. Luke’s Church, Torver.  This is an informal service with an informal talk, worshipful songs of praise and prayer with refreshments of good food, healthful drink and sweet treats to follow.

The 5th Sunday of 31 January brings us all together at St. Luke’s Church in Torver again for Morning Prayer at 11 a.m.  Tim will be back from New Zealand for the 4th Sunday of Epiphany.

In between our regular services will be held on 10 January at both St. Luke’s and St. Andrews and 24 January at St. Andrew’s.  All welcome!


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