Daily Archives: March 18, 2008

The Greatest Story Ever Told

In December, my family gathered in Nashville, Tn just after Christmas.  It was one of the rare occasions when we all could be together.  We came from the UK, Ohio, MN and GA to see one another.

To ensure that we actually went out together, my Mother booked tickets to see The Rockettes Christmas show.  We had no idea what to expect but found that it was a total delight.  For the finale, a screen went down and behind it could be seen a nativity scene with the baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary.  When the screen went up, live camels and sheep were revealed and wise men came up through the audience bearing gifts with the words ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told” to rapturous applause.

The events celebrated this week, culminating with the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, are the reason why the story of Jesus is The Greatest Story Ever Told.  When Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem, he wept.  He knew everything before him and all he felt was love for the souls he was going to save through this incredible act of sacrifice.

One day we will each find ourselves on a road of no return.  Could Jesus have stopped short of the cross?  Could he have opted out?  What will be our response when our time comes?  May you all be blessed with new life this Easter.